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Fun Finds from the week of February 28th

Friday’s Fun Finds Vol. 6

February 28, 2020

This week’s Fun Finds

*This post contains some affiliate links which means if you make a purchase I might earn a small commission, but it will not cost you anything. All opinions are my own and I only share products and services that I love and think that you will love too!

A Fun Find

I love Serena and Lily, but I just can’t justify their prices for the lake house we use two months a year. So I was thrilled to find this Pendant lampshade at IKEA. It’s not a complete match, yet has the same feel as the one at Serena and Lily, but for under $20. Yes, you heard me right! I am going to definitely add it to my Lake House inspiration board.

A Fun Follow

If you aren’t following Jennifer Garner on Insta yet, well why not? Her Instagram account is a bright spot in social media. She is so real and you can’t help but love her. She does a pretend cooking show that is hilarious, and you can’t miss her haircare plug while wearing a wetsuit in the shower! It’s too much!

A Must Listen (and a must follow)

You have to listen to this episode of Next Question with Katie Couric. It is Why are we all so afraid to get real on social media with Celeste Barber. If you follow Celeste on Instagram then you are laughing right now, and if you aren’t, well you are in for a treat. She finds extreme model pics and does her take. It’s the best.

The podcast episode is fabulous, and we should all try and get a little more real on social media. She also had me almost in tears as she talked about her A.D.D. and those of us that can be a lot sometimes. It was inspiring for someone who feels that my A.D.H.D can be my greatest weakness, but also my superpower. It is definitely worth a listen.

A Bit of Beauty

On the rare days I put on makeup, I get my eyelids looking all nice only to put my mascara on, blink and screw it all up. Then I look more like the morning after than the night of.  It looks like Neutrogena came up with a fix for those of us with that problem – it is a Makeup Remover Eraser stick. Perfect for those of us who don’t have a makeup artist on staff.

Blog Hopping

Jill Sorensen’s blog had a series called Happy Home Tours. Her most recent tour is from the home of Meredith “Diff” Miller Good of @diffmiller. Her house is so happy that I just want to move in!

Have a good weekend

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