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Friday’s Fun Find’s Vol. 10

March 27, 2020

Since we are all home hunkering down it seems that everyone is finding their inner-chef.  Last night I had so much fun just coming up with something made of the ingredients I had laying around. I have given up on my instapot. Last week I tried to make a fancy Ramen in it and it took like 2 hours to make something that should have taken 30 minutes … and then it didn’t even taste good.  

For this week’s Fun Finds let’s focus on food. I think for many of us this has become such a big part of our day.  A lot of these are on Instagram … and if you aren’t on Instagram – now might be a good time to join.  I find it is more joyful than other social media. If you do follow me @whitneysowlestheblog.

Friday Finds - Food

Instagram Cooking Shows to Follow:

Katie Couric@katiecouric   She has a cooking highlight button. Katie is such fun and I love it when she calls Ina Garten for help.

Al Roker@alroker  Al has created a little cooking show with his son Nick. It always makes me hungry.

Jennifer Garner – @jennifer.garner  I know I keep telling you to watch her fake cooking show, but I really mean it!

Joanna Gaines – @joannagaines She is cooking recipes from her upcoming cookbook, and it is fun to watch.  I have a little kitchen envy.

Ina Garten@inagarten – I can never get enough Barefoot Contessa

Fun Finds Food

Meal Kits:

I have always loved the idea of meal kits. For me, the hard part (during normal times) is meal planning and shopping with intent, and the meal kits make that so easy. I also love that it forces me to cook things that I normally wouldn’t. Now, I am loving them more than ever. It’s a way to have meals come to me without having to leave the house.  I will share the ones I have tried.

The ones I have tried:

  • Hello FreshThis one is my favorite. You get lots of choices, that are easy to make and your kids will love.
  • Sun BasketSun Basket is great.  Easy recipes and healthy food. Tommy and I love the recipes, our kids not as much. 
  • Blue Apron – This was the first one we tried and used it for a while. It’s a little more gourmet and takes a little longer, but if you’ve got time…

Bon Appetit!

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