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Photo by Russell Hurlburt

Friday’s Fun Finds Vol. 15

May 1, 2020

One thing that is getting me through lately is a good laugh. One person who has had me in stitches lately is Jimmy Fallon. Today I wanted to show you some of my very Jimmy Fallon videos in the past few weeks.

Rose Byrne Making a Cocktail

I have watched this video so many times – the way she makes her favorite cocktail is insane and if you follow her “how to” you better start right now.

The Longest Days of Our Lives Episode 1 & 2

These are just so ridiculous – so hysterical!

Ask the Fallons

Ok they are just the cutest darn couple ever – here is my fav!

Ok, I don’t want to send you down the YouTube rabbit hole … so I will leave it there … but if you want more you can head on over to The Tonight Show page and binge away!

Stay safe and sane!

The photo of my kids was taken by Russell Hurlburt Photography

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