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Friday’s Fun Finds Vol. 21


December 4, 2020



In the spirit of the week of Giving Tuesday – I would love to encourage everyone to donate to their local food bank if you can. They always need help but this year it is extra vital. Also since I am on the food theme if you are a foodie make sure to help support local restaurants.

insta cooking classes

My kids and I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything Top Chef and this includes Tom Colicchio! So I have been watching his insta cooking classes to raise money for restaurants … AND I shared that in my insta story and he put my story in his story !!!!!!!! WHAAAAAAAT!!!!

Anyway, they are fun to watch if you want to upgrade your at-home cooking repertoire.

to shop

Have you checked out Thrive Market? Every time I get inspired to change my eating habits and cook out of my pretty cookbook Eat Clean Play Dirty I put items in my Thrive cart … one of these days I will put down my chips and actually check out!!!

gifts to give

Alright I know I shamelessly plug my fabulous cheese farming friends a lot … but when you love something you share!!!! Are you looking for the ultimate gift for the foodie in your life … how about a Jasper Hill Cheese of the Month club? Do you need my address? lol!

Jasper Hill Farm - the Diversion

to cook up

There is one “recipe” that is most requested in the Sowles household these days and it is pretty yummy and pretty easy!

I get a combo of hot and sweet italian sausage, cook it with lots of garlic – add some sort of marinara sauce and after it simmers a bit throw in some heavy cream. Add some cooked penne, pour a glass of wine and call it a night!

it’s national cookie day!

Of course cookies should have their own day! So I wanted to share my favorite cookie recipe – Martha Stewart’s Alexis chocolate chip cookies. They are super yummy – especially if you like brown sugar and butter!

Please let us know anything fabulous that you are chefing up! Also don’t miss my gift guide for foodies.

Have a great and safe weekend!

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