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Friday’s Fun Finds Vol. 28

February 5, 2021

catching some zzzzz’s

I haven’t slept well all week despite the restorative yoga before bed, so I was thrilled to see this article from Real Simple with the winners from their Sleep Smart Awards. Read about it here.

A DIY Master

A am getting antsy for a good DIY project, so I was inspired by Ursula Carmona. Like me, she was scared to dive in with power tools but now she is building all sorts of things. DIY fans – don’t miss out!

a fabulous new pattern

I love Caitlin Wilson! I have a bunch of her pillows one of her rugs on my wishlist. I am thrilled that she just released a new pattern in the most amazing shade of green! Go check out Laurel!

something navy

I clearly love pink, but the runner up might be navy. Clare Paint has a navy I am dying to use somewhere, called Goodnight Moon. I am obsessed with everything about Clare paint and it is a black woman-owned business. I used their paint last summer when I re-did the cottage in Vermont. Here is my favorite Clare project I did!

a bag for home and on the go

If you have already downloaded my new guide this month you saw how much I love colorful pens. It is actually hard to find a black pen around here for official business. So now you need a fun place to put them. My friend found this fabulous case that will stand on its own but that you can also stick in your bag – because you should never go anywhere without your markers!

Sorry I have no new fabulous shows to binge for you since I am still on my Murder She Wrote kick on the Peacock app, but if you have any please share and comment below!

Have a great and safe weekend and don’t miss the new free guide!

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