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Missing in Action

June 24, 2020

Happy Summer! Some of you might have noticed that I have been missing in action. A definite faux pas in the blogging world. It has been a kind of perfect storm of distraction. In the past few weeks, we finally left the city and moved up to the lake for the summer or until someone tells us we have to come back. I have been spending my days painting, cleaning and moving furniture – so the good news is I have lots of fun before and afters to share with you!

I also just needed a break from social media – like all of you I spent way too much time on it during the bulk of quarantine and I just needed to step back. It was a nice healthy break, except right when I was ready to return my phone broke and when you are living in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont there is not a quick way to get an iPhone fixed. I will find another way to work on my Insta game until I get my phone back.

So I am sorry to leave you all hanging for so long – but I am back at it and can’t wait to share what I have been up to!

Thanks for understanding and I hope that you are all well as we continue to navigate the new normal.

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