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Read my quarantine survival guide tips for staying sane.

My Quarantine Survival Guide

April 14, 2020

DISCLAIMER: This is written with a little bit of humor, sarcasm and hopefully a few nuggets of useful information. I fully recognize how lucky we are to be safe at home during all this craziness. (The fact that I felt the need to write this disclaimer means that I am spending way too much time on twitter and am expecting an angry backlash)

My son has a standing appointment every other week, and yesterday he had his 3rd virtual one. I thought how on earth is this possible? It meant that we were starting week 5 of staying at home! Wow! That combined with the fact that even my pajamas are now tight has caused me to reflect on this time and give you my thoughts and tips for quarantine. 

What I expected (or how I thought I might rise to the occasion)

When this first started the thought of not spending 3+ hours a day in my car was exciting, think what I could do with all that extra time. I would have no excuse not to exercise and get back to doing my LEK Fit videos, and try to eat healthier since I wouldn’t be living in my car. I also thought that I would plow through my list of quarantine projects that I was dying to get done. I would catch up on the laundry and keep the house tidy and learn to bake bread. And I was definitely going to up my Pinterest game to get more readers for the blog.

Reality has looked a little different

I have been starting my day at the early hour of 8:30/ 8:45 just in time to get my youngest at the dining room table for the start of his school day. (Of course, my daughter had already brought me coffee and started her school day on her own). Occasionally I will change out of my pajamas into work out clothes in hopes that I will actually work out that day.  One thing I have done though is make my bed every day (what am I, an animal???)

The day progresses with a little work on the blog, the occasional rescheduling of Max’s school day, another meal and cleaning the kitchen for the 10th time. Then I might read some of my page-turner, possibly walk the dog, eat some homemade carbs and then just like that … snap… it is 5:30 – time for a glass of wine and making dinner once again. I fully understand the movie Groundhog Day … and darn I forgot to exercise again!

Here are some of my tips for getting through the reality that is quarantine


  • The Office Ladies – I now watch the episode they are breaking down first so I am fully prepped for the current podcast.
  • Watch what Crappens – If you are binge-watching anything on Bravo, you have to be listening to this podcast.
  • Staying in with Emily and Kumail-this is a quirky little podcast that brings some humor to staying home.
  • Just search around – there is definitely a podcast for everyone


If you are lucky (or as my tight clothes would say unlucky) enough to find some yeast and flour at the stores, then here are my favorite easy bread and pasta recipes.


I have learned that we all have very different opinions on what makes for good tv, (I still can’t go there with Tiger King) so my advice is to watch what makes you happy, and if you have a show you loved, go back and rewatch it.  (I am currently rewatching old seasons of Top Chef, and now feel like every meal is a race that needs to be properly plated).


Again, just stick with what makes you happy.  There is no one around to judge you on your book jacket. Call that friend or family member that loves to read the same kind of books you do and ask them what they are reading. 

Social Media

I recommend Instagram. (Especially the cooking shows) Twitter is too mean, Facebook drives me crazy, and Pinterest will just make you feel inadequate.  


Stay in touch with old and new friends, and figure out how many books you need under your computer to look good. And just remember people are watching you and act appropriately. I am learning that people who don’t mute themselves are right up there with hitting reply all on an email- c’mon people


Do some, or don’t … just know that if you are way skinnier than you were pre-pandemic I may not want to hang out with you when this is all over. 

So my point is whoever thought we would be quarantined in our houses for the foreseeable future during a pandemic?  Clearly not me or I wouldn’t be almost out of toilet paper. But seriously, just take it easy on yourself and do whatever it takes to stay sane. My husband has crossed things off his list that have been on there for more than a decade. While I am glad it is getting done, I find it super annoying because it makes binging Netflix while building legos I bought for myself seem a bit lazy. (But I am learning not to care)  And to all the ladies who have sent me recipe exchange emails … I am just not going there. Sorry!

Maybe today will be the day I start my combat carbs exercise program, but maybe it won’t. Stay safe.

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  1. I feel ya’. I just made donuts…and I don’t need donuts.

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