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Zalt a company that focuses on sustainability and fair trade

Shopping with Sustainability and Fair Trade in Mind

March 16, 2020

As I was thinking about what I wanted to write about during this crazy time of uncertainty, I couldn’t stop thinking about a video that my sister sent me recently. It was a speech she gave as her new salt company, Zalt, was launched by the Minister of Business and Industry of Zanzibar in Tanzania. She talked about their goal to “breath life into the ancient tradition and technique of solar salt farming”.  I love how they are empowering farmers by reviving an industry and investing in a local community with sustainability and fair trade in Mind. You can read more about Zalt’s impact here. 

A picture from the Zalt website a company practicing sustainability and fair trade

I am so proud of my sister and her friends for the company and community they are building.  While you can’t yet get your hands on Zalt in the states YET, I thought I would share with you some other brands that are practicing the same values of sustainability and fair trade.

I will share with you two small companies that I love and that are supporting artisan women around the world, and also a few places that you probably already shop that sell some sustainable and fair trade items.

The Little Market 

The Little Market is one of my favorite places to go for unique finds. Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla started this company after being inspired by a trip to Tanzania and Uganda.  It is a non-profit organization that supports women artisans in over 25 countries around the world. They have everything from home decor to fashion accessories. Not only can you shop by category, but you can also shop by cause. One of my favorite items that they sell this spring is the Pom Pom Tote made in Madagascar. 

A bag from The Little Market - a company that practices sustainability and fair trade

 Sh*t that I Knit 

A few months ago a friend invited me to a lecture by the founder of Sh*t That I Knit, Christina Fagan-Pardy. She took her love of knitting and turned it into a sustainable and fair trade business. After hearing Christina speak you can’t help but like her. She was honest, humble and hilarious! Her products are knitted in Lima, Peru where she employs 170 women. I have one of her beautiful wraps, but her hats are mittens are equally as awesome. They also donate knitting kits to young adults going through cancer treatments. This is definitely a brand you should get to know. 

If you love the idea of supporting women and fair trade, but still love shopping places that you already have a password with … I get it, baby steps!  Here are a few places that you probably already shop that carry fair trade items.

Target – Opal House

I have always loved the Opal House line at Target, but know I love it even more. Opal House had a partnership with two companies that support African artisans, Wonki Ware and All Across Africa


Anthropologie carries items from The Citizenry, a company that curates fair trade items from all over the world. They also invest 10% of all proceeds back into artisan communities. This basket is my favorite. 

A sustainable and fair trade basket from The Citizenry at Anthropolgy

West Elm

West Elm has a whole section called Shop for Good. You can find sustainable goods, local pieces, and fair trade. You can see their commitment’s here

So there are a few places that you can shop and feel good about while we are all home. What are some of your favorite sustainable and fair trade places to shop?

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