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Women Who Inspire: Dolly Parton


December 17, 2020

It’s easy to turn on the news these days and feel disheartened. It seems it’s getting harder and harder to find people of strength, empathy, and a strong character. So it is no surprise that Dolly Parton’s name has been popping up a lot lately. Now more than ever we need her strong heart and if anyone can bring us together it is her! I can’t think of a woman who inspires more than Dolly Parton.

I was first introduced to Dolly Parton in the ’80s listening to her on an 8 track in the family ‘77 Suburban, and then when I saw her in 9 to 5. I always found her to be so interesting. You can easily dismiss her as just a blonde glittery country legend, but that would be seriously underestimating her. Dolly is a powerhouse! There isn’t much she doesn’t do. She is a talented writer, actress, badass businesswoman, and philanthropist to boot! All of this and she is still one of the kindest most thoughtful and spiritual women around. And she never takes herself too seriously.

Her generous heart

One of her philanthropic organizations that she is most proud of is her Imagination Library. This organization was born out of great love and respect for her father. He was a smart man but he never learned to read, and she thinks that held him back from reaching his full potential. Dolly made it her mission to inspire children all over the world to read and love reading. She has partnered with local organizations worldwide to donate over 150 million books. Dolly has said that this was the thing that her father was most proud of her for.

Dolly Parton also gave a million dollars to Covid research. This research in part led to Moderna’s vaccine that is now reaching our most vulnerable. And don’t miss this article from Vulture called 10 Times Dolly Parton Was a Literal Angel.

I could go on and on about all the reasons that make Dolly such a badass, but instead, I wanted to share some ways you can make your day a little brighter with a little dose of Dolly.

With all the turmoil in the world today Dolly Parton is a bright beacon of light. Find out why she is one of my favorite inspiring women.


If you are looking for something to binge during this holiday season, there are lots of Dolly themed shows and movies! I find her so fascinating. Some of these are interviews with her, and some are just fun movies to watch while wrapping presents.

The Oprah Conversation – a conversation with two of the best!

Shine on with Reese Witherspoon – Two adorable southern ladies and two of my favs.

Dolly’s vaccine donation – Here is a today show interview with Dolly about her awesome donation to vaccine research! It’s even sweeter now that the vaccine is being rolled out.

Heartstrings – This is a whole season of different shows based on Dolly songs, and Dolly is in all of them. Definitely binge worthy.

Christmas on The Square – Ok, this starts off a little cheesy but in the end, you will be in tears and so glad you watched it!

The Dolly Christmas Special – In case you are craving sequins, big hair, and some very merry!


If you are like me then you love running around the house and folding laundry with a great podcast or some fun music. Here is how to listen to all things Dolly.


Here is a playlist of my favorite Dolly’s songs and her latest Christmas Album.

My Dolly Playlist – My top ten Dolly Parton songs.

Dolly’s new Christmas Album – The duet with Jimmy Fallon is the best.


If you are looking for some uplifting and interesting podcasts look no further.

Dolly’s Parton’sAmerica – Dive in deeper into what makes Dolly Parton such an American treasure.

Brené Brown’s interview with Dolly – I love this interview. Dolly has been a big influence on Brown, and I learned some new and interesting things.

Willie Geist’s Sunday Sitdown – Again two of my favorites. I love all of Willie’s interviews.


There is a new book out called Dolly Parton, Songteller: My Life in Lyrics. It is a beautiful book with all the lyrics to her songs with memories and stories of how the songs came to be. It is also full of fabulous pictures!

Look for Dolly on Insta – @dollyparton

So this season let’s all try and channel our inner Dolly and try and make the world a kinder, more empathetic place.

I feel better already!

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