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Ironing trim onto drapery Panels

How to Add Trim to Drapery Panels


January 22, 2020

I thought I would start the DIY section of my blog with a fairly easy DIY that almost anyone can do, and there is no sewing involved. Adding trim to drapery panels is a great way to take something basic and add a little flare. It is also a great way to create a unique look on a tight budget.

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Adding trim to drapery panels to create an custom feel


These are the supplies I used for this project, but you can use any panels that you like and any trim. I love MJ Trim, they have a huge selection of ribbon and trim at a great price.

How to Add Trim

  1. Layout your panel and measure where you want the trim. I like to place mine a 1 1/2″ in so that you can see some of the panel on the side of the trim. It is best to pin it so it stays in place.
  2. Pull back part of the panel and apply two strips of stitch witchery as close to the edge of the trim as you can so there won’t be a gap.
  3. Put the trim back down over stitch witchery.
  4. Place the damp towel down over the trim and hold the iron on the towel for 10 seconds. (Keep the towel damp so it can create steam)
  5. Continue this process down the rest of the panels, re-measuring occasionally to make sure it is even.

Applying stitch witchery to add trim to drapery panels.

Here is the article from the Ballard Designs blog where I discovered these fabulous pink panels. It also tells you how to border trim around the whole panel. I chose to just do the inside of the panels.

TIP: You can also use grosgrain ribbon as trim. I added navy ribbon to these Ballard Design panels when I re-did my office.

The no-sew way to add grosgrain ribbon to drapery panels.

This is a great way to take basic white panels from Ikea or Target and add a fun trim to make them look like expensive custom curtains.

What window treatments do you have at home that could use a little extra something?

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