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I just ordered some cushions for our porch in Boston and am busy sanding our deck furniture, so I thought I would share with you the Lake House porch I did in Vermont last summer. I love the cottage we lived in last summer, and I had so much fun sprucing it up, but it […]

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We are getting excited to head up to the lake and I am excited to get started on my project of refreshing the cottage. You can see my last big lake refresh here. I am starting to get organized and get things ordered so they can be up there when we are. I spent the […]

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My Inspiration Board for my lake cottage redo.

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Ironing trim onto drapery Panels

I thought I would start the DIY section of my blog with a fairly easy DIY that almost anyone can do, and there is no sewing involved. Adding trim to drapery panels is a great way to take something basic and add a little flare. It is also a great way to create a unique […]

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The lake house after picture. Decorated with Ikea and Target

I love the challenge of decorating on a budget. We have a camp on a lake in Vermont that we share with family. We really only get to use the house for a few months a year so the idea of spending a fortune on decor doesn’t make any sense, but the family room really […]

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I'm a creative who loves to get her hands dirty with a good project. Mom of two, computer nerd and never without my colored markers. Always in search of fun things to share with you! 

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I'm Whitney

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