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Handmade Backgammon Board by Shop Little Portugal

Beautiful Backgammon Sets that Make Even Losing Fun

April 7, 2020

One of the things keeping me sane during quarantine is backgammon. Backgammon is one of the oldest known board games, involving strategy and luck. Tommy and I have been playing up to five games a night (just don’t ask how much money I have lost). On summer afternoons, you can usually find me sitting on the dock playing with friends.

If you don’t play backgammon yet, then this would be the perfect time to learn. Jessica of Nine Fair does a great job of explaining the game and the rules.

Today I am sharing some of my favorite backgammon sets. Some are handmade and pieces of art and others will add some whimsy to your game.


Nine Fair

These gorgeous boards are a work of art. The boards are handcrafted and then hand-painted by artist Jessica Griffith Schumacher.  Each board is custom made to add a personal touch and make for a very meaningful and unique gift. (Hint, hint Tommy). You can follow her @ninefairbackgammon

Oomph Backgammon Tables

If you play enough, shouldn’t you dedicate a whole table to the game?  I especially love their outdoor tables. 

Jonathan Adler Milano Backgammon Set

This board just makes me happy. I can see myself playing it among the palm trees. 

Handmade Sets from Shop Little Portugal

These handcrafted boards are made in Portugal, by artisan, David Barbosa. He made the beautiful board we play on in Vermont, with an inlay of the lake. Inquire here to learn more. Photos by An LeFevre.


Burke Decor Colorful Backgammon Set

A fun colorful board to add a little excitement to your game.

The Beach Backgammon Set by Gray Malin

Who doesn’t love a Gray Malin photo, so why not add one to a backgammon board!

Jonathan Adler Lacquer Backgammon Set

If you follow me on Pinterest you know I love me some lacquer, and it is also very patriotic. 

Backgammon Baby

** This is an update – I just learned about this company from a friend – beautiful boards!

What games have you been playing during quartine?

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