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This week was a crazy week getting back to the real world, so I didn’t have time to do my research and come up with five fabulous things to share. But my wise niece told me that a newsletter that is late and a little different is better than no newsletter at all.  Thanks Syd! Last […]

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An archive of Friday’s Finds from 2022 – five things I am dying to share, recommendations, and my favorite on sale. Do you receive the newsletter in your mailbox on Friday mornings? No! Well, what are you waiting for? – sign up now. May MAY 20th – READ NOW Zalt Salt hits the states, the […]

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Handmade Backgammon Board by Shop Little Portugal

Now as we are finding ourselves at home more we are looking for games to keep us busy. Discover some fun, bright and luxurious backgammon sets.

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My Favorite Margarita Recipe for National Margarita Day

Happy National Margarita Day! First, can we just admit that this should be a national holiday, and second, why is it in February? I’ve always thought it should be on a warm summer day, or closer to Cinco de Mayo, but I suppose if you are on a warm beach somewhere, than February works just […]

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You will soon start to realize how much I love Ikea, and even more how I love to hack it.  Ikea is a great resource if you need furniture on a budget, but don’t want your home to look like an Ikea showroom. (Although you can find some pretty cozy vignettes in the showroom) This […]

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The lake house after picture. Decorated with Ikea and Target

I love the challenge of decorating on a budget. We have a camp on a lake in Vermont that we share with family. We really only get to use the house for a few months a year so the idea of spending a fortune on decor doesn’t make any sense, but the family room really […]

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I'm a creative who loves to get her hands dirty with a good project. Mom of two, computer nerd and never without my colored markers. Always in search of fun things to share with you! 

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I'm Whitney

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