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bringing photos to life with Boombox Gifts

Ideas for Bringing Your Photos to Life

April 6, 2020

You can tell on social media, that now that everyone is home they are starting to dig out old photos. We have talked about how to organize your photos and my favorite photo books, but today I wanted to share some other fun things that you can do with your photos. One for your wall, one for a gift and one just for fun.

For Your Walls


Mixtiles is an easy and affordable way to get your pictures up on the wall. It’s the perfect solution for a kids room, playroom or hallway. It’s an easy app that pulls from your iPhone photos. There are five different frame options to choose from, in white, black and no frame. They all come with adhesive that is removable and won’t leave a mark. Such a quick fun way to spruce up a wall.



I love it when pictures go old school. Timeshel is another easy app that takes your favorite photos every month and turns them into good old prints with a white border. Before I painted our kitchen I had an awesome picture wall made up of images from Timeshel. Maybe now is a good time to redo it!



This is one of the best gifts I have given. I gave it to my mom last year for her 70th birthday. I have done this type of thing on my own, and it was super time-consuming. Boombox Gifts help you take a lot of the man-hours out of making something this beautiful and unique. You pick out a beautiful box and then invite friends and family to upload pictures, memories, and notes up to your project. Then the ladies at Boombox put all the memories onto beautiful card stock and send it to your loved one. You are able to edit and organize and they are there to help you every step of the way. It takes a little time so make sure to plan ahead. BUT believe me, it will be well worth it when they open the package.

bringing photos to life with Boombox Gifts

What fun things have you done with your photos?

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