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bringing photos to life with Boombox Gifts

Discover a few ways to easily take your photos off your phone bring them to life. One idea for your wall, one for a gift and one just for fun.

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Photo Books from Mixbook

Last week on the blog we talked about organizing the pictures on our phone.  This week I want to talk about turning all those pictures into a beautiful book. I am the family photographer, and every Christmas I give everyone in my husband’s family a photo book of the summer in Vermont. I have been […]

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How to Organize Your Photos

Most of us have endless amounts of photo’s on our devices, and they rarely make it beyond the occasional social media post. For most of us, it can just be too overwhelming to turn them into more than just thumbnails on our phones. So let’s start this week by learning to organize your photos and […]

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I'm a creative who loves to get her hands dirty with a good project. Mom of two, computer nerd and never without my colored markers. Always in search of fun things to share with you! 

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I'm Whitney

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