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Lake House Porch Before and After


March 19, 2021

I just ordered some cushions for our porch in Boston and am busy sanding our deck furniture, so I thought I would share with you the Lake House porch I did in Vermont last summer.

I love the cottage we lived in last summer, and I had so much fun sprucing it up, but it isn’t huge. Of course, it was its coziness that gave it its charm, but when all of the teen/ tween posse is at your house all the time, a small cottage can feel very small. So I thought it was really important to turn the porch into another living space. It worked, and we lived out there.

The plan for the lake house porch

Inspiration board for Lake House Porch

Here was the plan I came up with last spring before we headed north. I stuck pretty close to it, but of course some of the pieces I chose were not available.


Furniture on a porch

My in-laws loved to sit on the porch and watch all the chaos down at the other house. They could see what their grands were up to without having to be in the middle of the craziness. I knew we would use it a little differently because we so rarely sit down and eat at the house. We either eat at the dock or with friends around the lake.


This is the little living space that we came up with! I loved it and we lived out there. Below you can see how we used it. (And please know that everyone had quarantined before the taking of these photos 🤣)

I can’t wait to show you how the Boston deck re-vamp turns out. I am trying to make it awesome because it will be the only way we can be social this spring!

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