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Friday’s Fun Finds Vol. 16


May 8, 2020

I have developed a crazy shopping habit over the last few weeks … buying cute facemasks. It is particularly crazy considering I am having such anxiety going out into the world. (I write more about that in this weeks newsletter – so make sure to subscribe below)

Here are some of my favorite places to get cute masks

  1. Lilly Lady Crafts – Fun Lilly Fabric Masks with ties
  2. My Keto Kitchen Shop – More fun Lilly masks with elastic and they also have lots of sports masks for the sports fans in your house
  3. My Whimsy Art World – Fun prints and a good fit
  4. Katie Kime – These are very simple and I always love her patterns
  5. Anthropologie – Even they are getting in the mask game, they also have sets of masks.
  6. Babiroo Co – These are great simple masks if you have little kids

Now I just have to find outfits to match my masks!

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