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Fridays Fun Finds Vol. 18

October 23, 2020


  • I kept hearing fabulous things about Peach & Lily’s Glass Skin Refining Serum, and it did not disappoint. It adds a nice glow to your skin, perfect for when you don’t want much make-up. They have a travel size for under $20.
  • My other new favorite is ROC’s Deep Wrinkle Filler. This is another one I keep coming across in blogs and magazines. More and more I am becoming a little concerned with the deep moat across my neck. I am sure it is from too much staring at a device. So I have started to use the wrinkle filler on it at night, and it really is making a difference! WAHOO!

to read

  • Squeeze Me: A Novel by Carl Hiaasen. If you have ever read any of his books then you know how amusing they are, and this one does not disappoint. He clearly wrote it during the pandemic and it’s a nice escape from the real world.


Some of you in New England may know of the fun hats and neck warmers from Skida. Well, they also make masks and they are some of my favs. They have ties and I find they work best when I have a ponytail or messy bun in (pretty much 99% of the time), but it is great because then you can wear it around your neck for easy access. It is easy to hand wash and dries super quickly. Check them out fast before their best patterns run out! … and bonus – it is a Vermont company!


Speaking of Vermont, let’s talk some Jasper Hill Cheese! They just came out with a new cheese named Whitney. I’d like to say it was named after one of their best Harbison customers, but instead, it is the Whitney Family who has been an important part of the farm since they got started. Anyway, that probably makes more sense, but it is still fun to share the name of a meltable, yummy cheese. This is for sure going in my favorite Mac & Cheese recipe. (Martha would definitely approve).

Have a good weekend!

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