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This week's Fun Finds contain Chocolate with a mission

Friday’s Fun Finds Vol. 24

January 8, 2021

Recipe to try

Is anyone else sick of cooking all the time during COVID? I am – so when I find a healthy, easy recipe the whole family loves I want to share it with the masses! This one is from Eating WellSlow-Cooker Mediterranean Chicken & Chickpea Soup. And apparently, a Mediterranean diet is the hot diet of the year. (Although I don’t believe in dieting).

Instagram To Follow

@drewbarrymore – Her Instagram is so much fun! She isn’t a supermodel telling you how to try and get skinny (because we all know that is annoying!) She is just a woman trying to get healthy and she is hilarious and says all the things that we are thinking, just out loud!  Definitely add her to your feed!

For your skin

I love when friends tell me about things I haven’t heard about! Pickfix by Carter + Jane is one of them. If you have the bad habit of biting your nails (me!) or picking at acne then you need this awesome oil. The stress of the craziness of the world is turning me back to nailbiting and is causing my fingers to crack – this stuff really works! Thanks for the tip, Julia!!!!

To Watch

Ok – who hasn’t tried to get their plank on already this year! But the question is – are you doing right?  I always wonder that – especially now that we don’t have instructors to reposition us in person.  Here is a quick video on how to plank properly.

Because we all need something sweet

Tony’s Chocolonely is chocolate with a mission! Apparently, not all cocoa is farmed equally – so they are basically the fair-trade of chocolate. You can check out their mission here. It is also super tasty – I just don’t recommend eating it all by yourself. (I may be speaking from experience). I get it at Whole Foods.

Have a good weekend! This week was a rough one! Be kind to yourself.

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