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The Health Benefits of Gratitude and Journaling

January 6, 2021

Who knew? Gratitude can help make you physically healthier. This little thing you can do doesn’t require weights or exercise clothes (although sweats are optional), but just a journal, a pen, and a few minutes a day.
Think about how your body feels when you are angry or resentful or jealous. Physically you don’t feel so well. It’s exhausting and can lead to things like nail-biting or too much wine (not that I am speaking from experience or anything …). So what if you could easily turn that around and exhale some of those feelings out and breathe in some happiness? You might feel physically lighter and more willing to put your energy into healthier habits. A win-win all around.

For a more scientific breakdown of how gratitude can affect your health, you can check out this blog post from Ink and Volt. Keep reading to learn about their awesome Gratitude Journal.

In a previous blog post, How to Practice Gratitude and Joy, I shared with you some great resources you may want to revisit, but here are some new resources for you. There are plenty to choose from to fit your life and personality. The key is to pick something that will inspire you to use it!


Three beautiful journals to help you express your daily gratitude

Ink & Volt | Take Two | Gray Malin

Ink and Volt Gratitude Journal

My dear friend shared this company with me last month. WHAAAAT – how on earth did I not know about it. Paper, pads, notebooks, blog. My kind of company!!! Ok, sorry I got off track. They have a beautiful simple gratitude journal.

It has some wonderful ways to get started and lots of great prompts to get you started and on your way to becoming a gratitude journaling master. And if that journal isn’t for you I am sure you will find something else fabulous on their website!

Take Two: A Journal for New Beginnings

This journal was the definition of making lemonade out of lemons. It was created by three women who experienced great loss. They took their experience with loss and pain and combined it with scientific research and created a beautiful journal to help you take the next step in healing.

The authors have also created some courses to help you make the most of the journal and your process. Also, look for an interview with one of the authors, Kate Simpson later in the month.

Gray Malin: The Goals Guided Journal

This one is a journal meets coffee table book. If you are familiar with Gray Malin’s work you know the adventures his photos take you on. His journal is no different! Especially if you have wanderlust because you are trapped at home like the rest of us. It is a place when you can express your goals, aspirations, and gratitude all with fabulous photo’s like only Malin can deliver.

Choose a journal that will inspire you to create a daily practice


So now that you have some options, grab a journal that speaks to your soul and find a way to find a few quiet minutes a day to practice the gift of gratitude. Make a note of how you feel when you start and check-in with yourself along the way and let us know if it has improved your overall health!

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