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All my vitamins and supplements

I would love to say that I am an excellent eater and that I get all of my nutrients from my food, but most days that usually isn’t true. I’ve done a lot of research to find vitamins and supplements to fill the void, and also, I am no longer a spring chicken so I […]

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Using a rebounder to get your lymphatic system moving

One thing that I have become obsessed with over the years is the Lymphatic system.  Now, I am not a doctor, in fact I promised my college bio professor I wouldn’t be one – but I am great at research so I am going to share with you why the Lymphatic System is so important […]

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Practice the art of gratitude

Who knew? Gratitude can help make you physically healthier. This little thing you can do doesn’t require weights or exercise clothes (although sweats are optional), but just a journal, a pen, and a few minutes a day.Think about how your body feels when you are angry or resentful or jealous. Physically you don’t feel so […]

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Whenever I go for huge New Year’s Goals I usually don’t get very far, so it is time to make more realistic goals. But I am old enough to know what makes me feel good both mentally and physically and what doesn’t.  So my umbrella goal is to feel good and feel healthy instead of […]

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I'm a creative who loves to get her hands dirty with a good project. Mom of two, computer nerd and never without my colored markers. Always in search of fun things to share with you! 

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I'm Whitney

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