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Friday’s Fun Finds Vol. 25

January 15, 2021

Articles to read

One of the new features after the last Apple update cause my iPad to flash different articles at me all the time, and this one from Southern Living caught my eye. It was an article about the mistakes we are making when organizing. I consider myself someone who loves to organize, and I think I was making all of these mistakes, especially buying containers before actually organizing the space. 😬

to check out

Did you know that Bobbi Brown started a wellness company called Evolution_18? I just discovered it. I don’t know much about it but I just might have to try the debloat tea.


Gray Malin just came out with a new series that he took in Antarctica. The photos are breathtaking. Here is the fun behind the scenes video. And if you don’t know his work you should definitely check it out.

A cool kitchen invention

I am exhausted this morning because I made the mistake of opening up my news app late last night and it is like going down a rabbit hole, but I did find this cool creation. It is basically a silicone ice cube tray, but it has enough room to actually hold a decent amount of soup or broth to throw in the freezer. Perfect for those of us cooking more during the pandemic.

Have a great and safe weekend!

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