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All the products I keep by my bed at night

Friday’s Fun Finds Vol. 26

January 22, 2021

what you can find next to my bed

Do you have that basket or drawer full of must haves next to your bed! I thought I would share with you my favorites that might be able to add to your nighttime routine!

Living in New England I am constantly trying to keep my lips and hands from cracking!

If you buy a product through some of my links I might earn a small commission, but I only share products that I use and love and think you will too!

Products for my lips that I keep next to my bed

Next to my bed: lips

Winter lips need lots of love! At night I can’t slather enough lip balm on, and usually fall asleep with a tin in my hand. Here are my favorites:

Nivea Lip Butter – I keep a tin of this EVERYWHERE! In my purse, in the kitchen, in the car – pretty much every place I might need it. It’s strangely hard to find, but I buy it in bulk on Amazon. My favorite flavor is Raspberry Rose Kiss.

Glossier Balm Dotcom – This is a cult classic and is much more than just Vaseline in a fancy tube. It keeps your lips smooth for hours and comes in different tints and flavors! I recommend the trio so you can spread them out around the house!

tip: Get your kids and hubby their own chapstick! No one wants other people’s fingers in their lip stuff! 😝

Hand cream in a bowl that I keep next to my bed

Next to my bed: hands

Winter will do a number on your hands so it’s good to protect them at night before bed! I have three hand potions that I keep next to my bed.

Neutrogena Norwegian Hand CreamThis is my favorite and my go-to. You just need a tiny dot to keep your hands protected!

Nivea Creme – I love this one because you can throw it in the pocket of your winter coat, and another good one to keep next to your bed.

The Ordinary Virgin Marula Oil – I bought this to compare to the more expensive Drunk Elephant version and while it can’t compare for face oil, I love putting a few drops on my hands at night.

Pickfix, Pukka Tea and Mighty night I keep next to my bed

everything else

Pickfix – I mentioned this in another Fun Find’s, but it bears repeating. If your skin cracks or you are a picker – run don’t walk to get some! Put it on a scab or a zit you might have had your way with and it will heal almost overnight.

HUM Mighty NightThis does the work from the inside! Not only does it help you sleep but it also helps skin cell turnover. (See the other HUM vitamins that I love too.)

Arnica Montana – If you are working out more this month than normal then you might have some sore muscles. Throw a few under your tongue before bed for some relief.

Pukka Tea – You need something to sip on to wind yourself down at the end of the day. Relax and night time are my favorites for bedtime.

Ok – yes I am a little high maintenance at bedtime, but it takes a lot to wake up looking fabulous! 🤣

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