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My favorite products to help avoid dry winter skin

How to Avoid Dry Winter Skin


January 21, 2020

Winter is here and that means nights by the fire, skiing, and snowmen, but it also means dry itchy skin. Winter can be brutal on your skin between the cold temperatures and the dry heat, but it doesn’t have to be. Between winters spent in Colorado and New England, I have learned how to keep my skin from getting to dry and even cracking. Today I will share with you my favorite products I use to avoid dry winter skin.

*This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own and I only share about the products and services that I love and think that you will love too!

My favorite products to avoid dry winter skin

Hands and Feet

Neutrogena Hand Cream

This might be one of my all-time favorite products. My hands used to crack in the winter, but this hand cream stopped that. I keep one in my car as well as next to my bed. A little goes a long way.

Sephora Hand and Feet Masks

I love these masks, they work well and won’t break the bank. They are great for when you crawl into bed to watch your favorite Netflix show. You will feel like you are at the spa.


Murad Essential-C Cleanser

Once winter sets in, I have to switch to more mild cleansers or my skin turns bright red. Someone at Sephora suggested this to me once in place of my go-to winter cleanser and I fell in love. Not only is it a mild, hydrating cleanser but it also brightens my skin. Win-win.


Toner is one of those things that I use to think was sort of useless, but since I have started using it regularly my skin no longer gets dry and also looks better. I use a Rodan and Fields toner, but I recommend using the toner from the line of skincare you already use. (Stay tuned for more on that in a later post)

Hydration Serum’s

Hydration Serum’s are key for winter skin. I have a few I like depending on how dry my skin is.

In the morning I like to use Rodan & Fields Active Hydration Serum, which uses the super combo of hyaluronic acid and glycerin to create all-day moisture and enhance whatever layer comes next.

At night I feel like I like to use Blue Mercury’s M-61 Hydroboost Serum, I just love the feel of it. Instead of hyaluronic acid, this product uses peptides and vitamin B-5 to lock in moisture.

If you are a purest, I like Beautycounter’s Intense Moisture Serum, which also uses hyaluronic acid.

Finally, if you aren’t looking to spend as much on your serum, L’Oreal has Revitalift a hyaluronic acid serum that is popular, although I have not tried this one.

I love a good oil and have been on a constant search for the perfect one and I think I finally found it. If you have dry skin and love the feel of oil in the winter months, then I highly recommend this one. I swear I woke up looking just a touch younger than I did the night before! If you are in Sephora check out the sample, it lasts about 4 nights, but just know you will be hooked.


This is another product I have been using for longer than I can remember and with good reason. Keep this year-round staple in your shower and apply while your still wet, and it will really help hold in moisture. It is also a great base for self-tanners.

This may seem a little pricy for a body lotion, but I find it well worth it, and it lasts. I play a lot of tennis in the winter, so people actually do see my legs and this lotion not only keeps them hydrated but also looking a little bit younger.

*A little note, I used to be a full-time Rodan and Fields gal, and while I am no longer that actively involved, I still love and use the products and my mother and sister won’t let me quit selling it.


I keep one of these next to my bed, and in every pocket and purse. It is my go-to!

Dermatone Lip Balm SPF 30

This old school lip balm should definitely be in any jacket used for out winter recreation. On a cold day, I slather it over my whole face to protect it from the elements.

Sometimes your lips just need a little extra love.

A Little Something Extra

Mini-Humidifier and Diffuser

I love this little humidifier I can keep by my bed, and at the perfect price. Just add your favorite essential oil and slumber down for the night.

How do you avoid dry winter skin?

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