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Skincare bottles in front of a pink curtain

If you have followed along with me – you know that I am obsessed with skincare. I am always looking for the latest and greatest and even had a stint as a skincare saleslady. My skin had been acting a little temperamental, and after evaluating my process I realized I was using WAAAY too many […]

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blog One of the blogs that I follow – Damsel in Dior has some good ideas on how to decorate your Thanksgiving table with what you might have lying around, and also ways to get creative in safely hosting this year. skincare Ok – you might be sick of hearing about my Drunk Elephant obsession, […]

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My favorite products to help avoid dry winter skin

Winter is here and that means nights by the fire, skiing, and snowmen, but it also means dry itchy skin. Winter can be brutal on your skin between the cold temperatures and the dry heat, but it doesn’t have to be. Between winters spent in Colorado and New England, I have learned how to keep […]

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I'm a creative who loves to get her hands dirty with a good project. Mom of two, computer nerd and never without my colored markers. Always in search of fun things to share with you! 

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