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My Cozy Pandemic Style Basics


October 19, 2020

Well we are still in the pandemic and life is definitely not back to normal, but if you are like me you are finding that you are now leaving the house, but still not going anywhere if you know what I mean. So what does one wear when there is a chance you might get seen in public, but still want to be cozy while mostly at home? For me, it means fewer cords and more sweats.  I mean it’s not all bad! 

So I am stripping it down to basics – basically a long sleeve shirt, a sweater and something comfy on the bottom, maybe jeans if I am feeling dressy! Here are my favorite basics I am loving this fall.  

If you see a trend that most of my objects come from Gap owned companies- that is simply because I have a gap card and had a ton of rewards burning a hole in my pocket, not because they are paying me the big bucks. 

At the time of this post Gap, and Banana Republic are 50% off until midnight on 10/19 and J. Crew also has lots on sale and an extra 20% for J. Crew card holders.

*This post contains some affiliate links which means if you make a purchase I might earn a small commission, but it will not cost you anything. All opinions are my own and I only share products and services that I love and think that you will love too! 

Log Sleeve T-Shirts:

My favorite cozy t-shirts
  1. These are my fancy t-shirts from Banana Republic. They are super comfy but also look like you didn’t just grab something off the floor. It comes in several colors, so if you hit a good sale grab a few. buy here
  1. This is just the basic Gap tee- it looks good on its own, but is fitted enough to layer. It comes in a few different colors. buy here
  1. This Banana Republic t-shirt is soft and has that worn-in look but in a good way. It comes in several colors. buy here


My favorite cozy sweaters this fall.
  1. This Gap Marino wool sweater has been my go-to lately. (I actually think I have worn it every day – don’t tell) It’s cozy and not too warm and even better it’s washable.  I got it in several colors when they were on sale.  buy here
  1. This is J. Crew’s version of the Marino Wool sweater and it comes in 13 colors!!!! It is also washable. buy now
  1. My Favorite cashmere sweater. I go back and forth, but I always come back to the J. Crew Cashmere Crewneck.  I literally wear them into the ground. The good news is that it is under $100 and comes in a ton of colors, the bad news is they rarely put it on sale. buy here
  1. I love a cozy turtleneck sweater, and this J. Crew sweater does not disappoint and comes in all those fabulous J. Crew colors. buy here


My favorite cozy fall pants
  1. These Athleta joggers are my new fav. I am living in them. buy now
  1. These J. Crew joggers are for when you are working from home. (No one on zoom will even see them). buy now
  1. My basket of jeans have all sorts of brands in them, but I tend to always reach for my jeans from the Loft. They have just enough stretch to keep me coming back. buy now

Stay healthy and cozy and remember this one simple rule – the day you take your kids to school in your jammies is the day you will probably get in a fender bender, so put on your sweats!!!!

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