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July 25, 2021

Personally – I think that some of my best content has been in my newsletters, and fabulous friends wanted to be able to access them – so here is an archive. And if you aren’t on my mailing list and don’t want to miss out sign-up here.

The First Newsletter

Happy Valentine’s Day

February Vacation Week

The Sun Finally Came Out

Happy Birthday to this Guy

Women Women Women

Week One

Taking a Deep Breath

The Sun Came Out

A New Normal I Won’t Ever Forget

Spring Break 2020

Week 7 In The Bag

Lots of Masks and Nowhere to Go

A Silver Lining

Hi Stranger

Wondering What You Missed This Weekend?

My Favorite Sale of the Season

43 Days

Gift Guides

A Crazy Year But Lots to Be Thankful For

Tis’ the Season

Two Weeks ’til Christmas and Happy Hanukkah

Merry Merry

Happy New Year


Well This Was Quite A Week

What I’ve Been “Up To” This Week

Keeping Good Habits Doing

Isn’t Everyday Ground Hog Day

A Pop of Pink

Cheers to Friday

My Obsession with Ted Lasso

The Debut of Five Things Friday

Five Things – New Post, Binge-Worthy, Pod-tastic, Green with Envy, New Collection

Five Things – New Post, New Line from A Familiar Face, Trunk Show, Easy and Healthy, Summer Sheets

Five Things – Twinkle Lights, Listen, Making Veggies Sexy, Decorative Tray

Five Things – Truth Bomb, Let’s Party, Summer Cooler, Podcast – A Guilty Pleasure, Yet Another Beauty Product

Five Things – Trip to IKEA, A New Product by One of My Favs, A Yummy Healthy Blog, Art that is Fun, A Gift for Dad

Five Things – An Art Hack, Good Book, New Ted Lasso, Yummy Insta Account, Cook in Comfort

Five Things – Get Organized, The Morning Show, Puffy Eyes, Bright Art, and more

My Sephora Faves – The Semi-Annual Sale

Friday’s Finds – Zalt Salt hits the states, the best eye cream, what to read and binge, and an easy DIY

Friday’s Finds – Zalt, My Favorite Cocktail, Fun Art, and Entertaining finds

Friday’s Finds – Zalt Sale, a healthy glow, air-fryer fun, happy wallpaper, and my summer cleanser

Friday’s Finds – Keep summer produce fresh, my new planner, cleaning clean, and more. 7/15/22

Friday’s Finds – Margaritas, salt, a yummy summer salad, and more. 7/22/22

Friday’s Finds – My tennis bag, back to basics with Jones Road, something cheesy, and more. 7/29/22

Friday’s Finds – Green baggies, new music, summer travel, a new take on s’mores, and more. 8/5/22

Friday’s Finds – Let’s get artsy! Gallery walls, whimsical art, a favorite on sale, and more. 8/12/22

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