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A Little Art Hack

June 25, 2021

I love fun and whimsical art, but it can be expensive. If you have followed me at all you know that I love to decorate at the lake, but don’t want to spend a ton of money on a place we use only 2-3 months a year. Also – the houses are not winterized so you can’t guarantee that something will make it through the cold months.

One artist I am obsessed with is Sara Fitz. She is an artist out of Maine and her work is fun and preppy. She has done collaborations with the likes of L.L. Bean and Chappy Wrap, plus others. I purchased her sheets from L.L. Bean for the lake. They are adorable. Her prints are awesome, but they aren’t inexpensive and not quite in my lake budget, but I wanted to find a way to incorporate her art in the house, so I got creative.

an art hack with four art prints

The Project

I was looking for something to hang in our bedroom at the lake to replace the very outdated Susan Wallace Barnes calendar pages. I really love Sara Fitz’s prints, but at $225 they are definitely out of my price range for a camp on a lake – so I had to come up with a different way to incorporate her work in the house. So I purchased her beautiful notecards, grabbed some IKEA frames, got a little crafty, and VOILA! I am pretty excited to get them up to the lake!

Four art prints by a plant

What you will need

a print of a blue and white t-shirt for an art hack

How to and some tips

Ok – this is a pretty easy one, but I have a few tips!

  • If you are going to hang them I would carefully rip off the stands
  • The cards don’t perfectly fit within the mat – there is a little space, so I just put the envelope that came with the card behind it to cover the gap.
  • I would tape the card in place so that it won’t move once on the wall.

Are the wheels spinning?

I’m sure that you are thinking of all the other beautiful notecards you want to frame. Make sure to share with us! I can’t wait to show you what they look like hung up at the lake!

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