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Host a Festive Crab Party


May 28, 2021

Nothing makes me happier than throwing a party! And now that the masks are coming off and we can safely gather again I thought I would share one of my favorite and easiest parties to throw, a crab party.

I think the most important thing when throwing a party is making sure that you aren’t in the kitchen the whole time while your guests are outside enjoying themselves! Where is the fun in that??? This is a good party theme that with a little preparation you can just sit back and enjoy!

Getting Started

I always get my crabs from Maryland Blue Crab Express. They do a great job and you can get everything you need on their website. I recommend calling so they can help you figure out how much to get. I like to get medium/ large male steamed crabs.

Make sure you also get from their website:

  • crab mallet
  • crab craft paper for the table
  • extra crab spice
  • crackers

set up

Again – let’s keep this easy folks! I just throw down the crab craft paper, some candles and crab cracking essentials.

Crab Cracking Essentials

When it’s time to eat – just throw the crabs on the table and dig in!


While I could just sit and eat crabs all night – some of your guests may be hungry for some other food, so I recommend some salads and maybe some sausages for the non-crab enthusiasts.

How to crack those crazy crabs

Here is one of my favorite charts on how to crack crabs

Clean up

Just grab everything you don’t want thrown out and then just roll up the paper with shells and all and throw-away – I just recommend doing it on a night before trash day!!!!


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