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Mental Health Awareness Month

May 27, 2021

I didn’t want to let Mental Health Awareness Month go by without addressing it! It is so important to shine a light on it and let people know they are not alone out there. I struggle with my mental health and I always hope that if I am open and honest about it that maybe someone else won’t feel quite so alone out there.

I suffer from anxiety and depression with a sprinkle of ADHD on top. Sometimes I can go days and even weeks without being overwhelmed by it all, but sometimes it just takes over and I shut down. It’s hard to get myself going again when it all comes crashing down, but I am so blessed to have a fabulous support system to help me. A husband who is patient and tries to understand the best he can, friends who check-in when I go radio silent, and the resources to get help. The one word I have a hard time describing to other people is when I get stuck – the things that should be easy become the hardest things in the world. It’s such a strange feeling. I was watching Oprah’s new series, The Me You Can’t See on Apple+ and someone was describing that feeling and it was so empowering to hear someone else describe it that way.

I am so thankful that we are talking about mental health more now, and that people are starting to feel less ashamed than they used to. I think it is super important now after the events of this last year. This was a hard year for almost everyone, especially those that struggle with their mental health. My anxiety was definitely heightened and there were quite a few full-on panic attacks. I am so glad that we are at the end – but we have to make sure to be compassionate with each other as re-entry into the world may not be easy for everyone.


if I don’t return your text, email, or pull my hat down and keep walking, please know it isn’t you – I just don’t have the energy and I can’t just now.


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  1. Angie says:

    Compassionately written, Whitney. Takes courage to lay ourselves bare before the world. Keep telling your truth!

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